Sunday, March 25, 2012

Daddy's Girls

The weather has been beautiful lately, so Stephen took the opportunity to wash my car for me (it was actually rather embarrassing how dirty it had gotten).  The girls decided they would help...and actually did a very nice job!  I had to take a few pictures of Daddy with his girls....

Hannah was carrying the bubbles over to the care and washing it with her hands. :)

That is some dirty water!

Gotta make sure the GT license plate is clean!

All three of them hard at work!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Big 3-3!

Stephen's 33rd birthday was on Friday, but we celebrated the day on Saturday.  Ashlyn and Hannah decorated his birthday cake all by themselves (I was bad and just got a plain cake from Publix that they could decorate).  I managed to make a rather good meal of beef stroganoff (Stephen's request).  For those of you who don't know, I am not the cook in the family so this was quite an ordeal!  After that it was present time.  He only had two gifts to open since we will be celebrating with his family in a couple of weeks, but his favorite so far has definitely got to be the juicer from my parents.  He made his first concoction that night.....look at the pictures below!  Happy Birthday, Stephen!

Starting to decorate the cake!

Almost done....

I think it needs just a few more sprinkles...

Helping Daddy blow out his candles

And this is what you get when you let a 3 and 5 year old decorate a cake unsupervised!

Stephen is pointing out Hannah's finger print in the side of the cake where she apparently had a little taste while decorating :)

Stephen's new juicer!  And yes, Hannah picked out those pants to go with her dress.

Testing it out

Green juice!

Two thumbs up!  They even have green mustaches to prove it!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Love

Valentine's day is so much fun when you have little kids!  The girls started off with special Valentine donuts for breakfast....they both had Valentine's parties at school (and got way too much candy!)....and their Daddy got them each a Valentine flower.  Ashlyn said it was the best day ever. :)  And to top it all off, Stephen got me a beautiful flower arrangement, too!  Hope everyone else had a wonderful day as well!

I do love flowers :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hannah's Winter Program

Hannah sang in her preschool's Winter Program on Thursday night.  She did great!  No stage fright at all, and she sang all of the words and did all of the hand motions.  We were very proud of our little girl.  I am posting some pictures and we also videotaped it, so I am sure that Stephen will get that loaded soon so you can see her in action.  :)

 Hannah cheesing it up after the show

 This is Hannah's music teacher at preschool - Mrs. Mindy

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Eve

We celebrated Christmas with Stephen's family on New Year's Eve up in Raleigh at Erin and Ronald's house.  The girls were so excited because they got to have their first sleepover with their cousins!  I think they were all asleep by 10:30....not too bad!  We had a great time opening presents, playing with Emma's new Wii and ringing in the new year with a riveting game of dominoes!  Happy New Year everyone!

All the cousins drinking their "spicy juice" - aka Sparkling Grape Juice

Hannah chose to use the pretty wine glass

Stephen showing off one of his gifts from Philip - no, those aren't his real teeth!

Ashlyn looks like she's drinking out of a bowl!

Notice anything different about Stephen?

Rachel tests out her drink

Emma keeping Ashlyn company

Hannah hiding among the Christmas animals

Ashlyn and Rachel playing with Emma's Wii - they are bowling in these pictures

Hannah really wanted to try out Emma's Nintendo DS

The little girls all ready for bed and Ashlyn and Hannah were trying out their brand new sleeping bags from Grandma Ruth and Papa!

Emma read the little girls a bedtime story....sweet cousins!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Day in the Morning :)

The girls must have been on the Nice list because Santa brought presents!  I didn't get many pictures from Christmas was a bit chaotic!  Here are the few that I did take!

Santa brought the girls princess dresses

Hannah surrounded by her presents

Strawberry Shortcake!

This was the hit of the day....a $5 alarm clock!

Minnie Mouse

Tearing into the presents

Hannah tries out her piggy bank

 A view of the living room after the destruction of the morning :)

Christmas Eve!

On Christmas Eve we were in Augusta and went to Covenant's Christmas Eve Service.  To our surprise, the girls were asked to help out with their impromptu pageant and dressed as angels to help tell the Christmas Story.  It was such a nice service, and so special to have all of the kids participating.  After we got home it was time to put the cookies out for Santa and head to bed!

The angels surrounding baby Jesus.

The Wise Men have arrived

Grandma with her girls

The cookies are out for Santa!

Ashlyn wrote Santa a little note.

How could Santa not want to eat that?